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Creator: chris on 24 Nov 2011, 7:09 p.m.

I won a medal! The principals medal for working with the community. It was a funny sort of day. Highly underestimated on my part. From the importance of a University of Edinburgh medal to the pomp and circumstance that it entailed.

Dad came up for the day which was nice. Eric, Mary and Steph all came for the signing of the book! With the principal.

I followed the instructions of the beddelus (?) to the letter and gave a short reply to richard coynes speech. I talked about how the 'thing' was the sum of many peoples contributions I think.

The slightly extraordinary bit was that Nicola Benedetti was up after me to collect an honorary doctorate. 24 and a master of her game. She was cool - gave everyone a short tune on the violin.

All in all a fascinating day and a rich insight into the exciting theatre of graduation from astronautical medieval hats to white bow ties.