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BBC Name Badge


Creator: Smithee on 31 Oct 2011, 5:03 p.m.

A name badge written in haste to gain access to BBC White City for an interview on The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4.

Dated September 14th, i had just come back from giving a press conference on Tales of Things at the British Science Festival when i received a email from a correspondent at the BBC. It was 8pm and i was sitting in my flat with a glass of wine (white) pondering the day, the email asked if i could get in a cab and be at the BBC in 30 minutes.

I arrived in time and the interview took a total of 5 minutes. Quick in, no preparation, some tricky questions from the host Robin Lustig (nice man) and out.

I was back home to finish the glass of wine in time to listen live at 10pm....