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Creator: musicfragments on 16 Mar 2011, 11:25 a.m.

Manchester based theatre company IGNITION STAGE (in conjunction with the Drama dept at UoS) are creating a Performance Installation that aims to use the words of as many people as possible. We’d like you to be part of this. This is experimental work, but it depends upon ‘responses’ to a series of song fragments. The more responses we get, the better. The eventual Installation will be open to the public, and you may find your own words on screen or spoken by performers. Please check out all 8 music fragments in the group and respond to as many as you like. Here are some early examples of how other ‘voices’ have responded Fragment 2 Under Blue Skies ‘Liked the words blue, honey – it felt light and bright but oddly, the music sounded to be about something that was dying but should stay alive’ Fragment 4 The Sad Boy This response came in the form of a texted poem: How am I feeling? Oh, You know. On the edge. I’m good On the edge. I thrive In the twilight zone. I’m not scared though. I’m, who? The lost one, Always seeking her, Her, her. I’ve been seeking and seeking. You’ve stopped me In my tracks. Fragment 3 (Un)Certain of Herself ‘It made me wonder what is the difference between looking and seeing? Looking is cold (or cooler) maybe, to do with judging, while seeing is to do with the heart’. Fragment 7 Believe Me ‘It seems falsely calm. This woman is trying to contain something. What was the curse? It was quite upsetting’. Objects Fragment 1 Not Me An old-fashioned corset, very tight. A hard stone Fragment 5 Blank paper Words flying upwards Fragment 7 Believe Me Long white gloves Broken glass