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Museum of English Rural Life Blue Objects

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Creator: isay on 12 Feb 2011, 3:30 p.m.

52/42 Creator Edward Humphries (manufacturer) Description for completely preparing cereal crop, from initial threshing to final bagging up of quality grain Physical description 1 threshing machine; good condition Label Text 6. Edward Humphries' Double Blast Threshing machine This threshing machine - a C.1., No.11473 with 4 ft 6 ins drum - forms part of the collections at the Museum of English Rural Life. It is noteworthy for two reasons. Firstly, it is of a type known as a Double Blast, meaning that inside are two winnowing blowers to remove more thoroughly any chaff, cavings and light weed, thus producing better dressed grain. One of these fans is positioned in the lower shoe of the machine, and the other provides a final blast as the grain passes through the winnowing riddle before reaching the finishing screen. Also of interest is the rather unusual side delivery - the spouts for the finished grain being on the side of the machine rather than, as was more common, at the end. This was simply a variation in design, perhaps being made to order for a client who had particular need for such a set up on his farm. Although, according to the manufacturer, this type of machine was commonly made in the 1880s, it is recorded as having left Humphries' Works on 6th September 1900, being bought by a Mr. S. Taylor of Sinton Green, Worcester. The reasons are unknown. It might have lain in storage for a number of years as a result of a cancelled order, or, alternatively, Mr. Taylor might have had it made specially. Being a much smaller firm than the likes of Ransomes or Clayton & Shuttleworth, Edward Humphries produced fewer threshing machines, fewer of which still survive. Because of this the above machine is considered quite a rare example. 52/42 Archival history manufactured by Edward Humphries This machine left Humphries' Works on September 6th 1900, and was sold to Mr. S. Taylor of Sinton Green, Worcester. In 1935 it changed hands and was bought by a Mr. A. H. Hiller of Dunnington Heath. It is believed that the machine was either made specially for Mr. S. Taylor or else had been in stock for a considerable number of years as it was the type that was commonly made in the 1880s. Date 1870-01-01 Object name Threshing machine; with side delivery Associated subject Threshing, Threshing machines, Threshing machine industry- History, Manufacturers (and makers), Pershore (Worcestershire), Threshing machines