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Creator: JUNK_jewellery on 28 Mar 2015, 12:04 p.m.

Memories are tangled up in the objects we own. What memories are revealed through the sharing of these sometimes tattered jewels? Often tangled chains without clasps, earrings missing their partner, broken beads and worn through rings, each has a memory imprinted on it. Each object we own invokes a story; a summer holiday, a favorite aunt, playing in a grandmother’s house. By sharing these memories, we rejuvenate this junk jewellery breathing life back into it. Why does this humble pile of rejected and broken jewellery connect with so many? Does this sharing of stories and memories shape and reshape these everyday jewels, or were these stories and memories shaped by this junk jewellery? And, what would happen if this small pile of broken jewellery grew and grew, what stories and jewels would then emerge? Every object has a story. Please share yours.