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Quagga Skeleton


Creator: TheGrantMuseum on 17 Jun 2010, 10:41 a.m.

The Grant Museum owns one of only seven quagga skeletons in existence. Quaggas were a type of South African zebra with fewer stripes than other species. They were wiped out in the 1880s through hunting by westerners for their unusual pelt – the last individual died in Amsterdam Zoo on 12th August 1883.

It was long thought that this skeleton was that of a normal zebra. In fact, it was believed that the Grant Museum was home to two zebra skeletons. In 1972, rumours that one of these zebras was a quagga resulted in an examination of the specimens. It turned out that the Museum did indeed have a quagga, but the other “zebra” turned out to be a donkey.

This Quagga was central to the 2008 International Quagga day celbrations.

The Grant Museum Quagga has only three legs. Here are hypotheses for where the fourth leg may be:

1)Mounted onto another skeleton.
2)On loan to another museum somewhere.
3)In Bangor, Wales where the collection was evacuated for WWII.
4)There is no 4th leg.